There are a Variety of Packages to Meet Your Needs


Package 1 – Make a Decision:

I need help in making an important decision. I want a brainstorming session with you, my coach.

One (1) – (45-60) minute coaching session
Package 1 total cost – $75


Package 2 – Take Off my Blinders:

I need help to look at one area of my life (ie work, home, parenting, etc.) and/or (sales, employees, revenue, etc.) to set goals, develop an action plan and begin conquering roadblocks.

Three (3) – 45-60 minute coaching sessions
Unlimited email contact
Package 2 total cost – $200


Package 3 – I Made Progress and I Don’t Want to Lose Momentum:

I want to continue the progress I made and also learn more about myself, my business/leadership, my strengths and my passions.

Six (6) – 45 – 60 minute coaching sessions
Unlimited email contact
Values Assessment
Spiritual Gifts Assessment (if interested)
Package 3 total cost – $425